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Boris Jelzin

Brief Story of Boris Jelzin Spirit

Boris Jelzin Vodka is named after Soviet and Russian politician Boris Jelzin, who served as the first President of the Russian Federation from 1991 until 1999, allowing for the manufacturing of Vodka once more.

The delicious Boris Jelzin Vodka Currant from France demonstrates that not only Russia and Poland have absorbed the skill of burning first-class Vodka. Vodka is a distilled liquor originating in Eastern Europe, produced mostly from water and ethanol.

Vodka gets its name from the Russian word "Voda" or the Polish word "Woda," which both mean "water."Boris Jelzin Vodka has grown into an international brand with sales in excess of 15 million bottles per year in over 80 countries.

The exquisite Boris Jelzin Vodka Currant produced a full-bodied feeling with a delightful scent of blackcurrant, which was taken to heart by the French firm, who named their sought-after brand after this exceptional guy. 

The firm has also enforced on itself the use of only natural components as a quality feature. This is demonstrated by the flavor of this high-quality Vodka.

Why is Boris Jelzin a great choice?

Boris Jelzin offers little on the nose or slick, silky palate, finishing with muted cinnamon heat.It has a great flavor and a modern, appealing look. It's created with French winter wheat and filtered water from natural reserves, then distilled five times to produce a strong, pleasant, and clean vodka.

It has a very clear scent with notes of herbs and citrus that does not overpower the flavors of other components, smooth with fresh apple juice and a lemon or orange slice. 

It may also be used to make various lengthy drinks and cocktails, such as a White Russian with a hint of blackcurrant or a combination with lemon lime soda over ice.

The exquisite Vodka compositions of that brand may be enjoyed at home and in trendy bars of this world. Boris Jelzin's exceptional quality has persuaded bartenders. The distinct clarity as well as the tastes resonate in the background, never distorting the taste of the individual drink. 

Boris Jelzin Vodka is made in a triple distillation process with winter wheat and clean natural water. Taste the flavors fully by enjoying your Boris Jelzin Vodka.

Time to chug it up, Boris Jelzin Spirit is crafted with perfection, taste the excitement and experience class with every drop. Escape the boredom and get all you want. Add it to the cart and buy it online now!

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