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Brief Story of Bacardi Rum

Don Facundo Bacardo Massó purchased a small distillery in Santiago de Cuba on February 4 and revolutionized the rum-making process to create a smooth, light-bodied spirit that is now known as Bacardi rum.

Don Facundo's son, Facundo Bacard Moreau, plants a coconut palm in front of the new distillery. El Coco, as the palm was affectionately known, became a symbol for the Bacardi family and company.

El Coco stood for the Bacardi company's strength and resilience, surviving a distillery fire, five earthquakes, and countless hurricanes. A local prophecy eventually grows around the palm tree. The popularity and reputation for quality of Bacardi rum has spread like wildfire.

At the Exposición Universal de Barcelona, the company wins a gold medal and is named "Purveyor to the Royal Spanish Household." Bacardi becomes a favorite of the wealthy and well-known. On a hot day in Daiquiri, Cuba, American mining engineer Jennings S. Cox creates the Bacardi Daiquiri cocktail with freshly squeezed lime juice, sugar, ice shavings, and Bacardi Superior rum as a refreshing treat for his copper mining crews.

In Havana, two years later, to commemorate the end of the Spanish-American War, American soldiers mix Bacardi rum and Coca-Cola with lime to create the world's first Cuba Libre cocktail. This delectable drink, along with others made with bacardi rum, helps to kickstart the cocktail renaissance, as people fall in love with creating their own concoctions.

Bacardi becomes Cuba's first multinational corporation, with offices in Barcelona, Spain, where Bacardi rum is bottled for the first time outside of Cuba, and New York City, New York, shortly after, to meet the growing demand for Bacardi rum in the United States.

It now covers Marketplace (responsible marketing and responsible drinking), Philanthropy & Community Investment, and People, as well as the initial focus areas of Responsible Sourcing and Environment. Efforts under these pillars are aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Why is Bacardi Rum a great choice?

Bacardi is a good average rum. The rum brand makes widely available commercial rum with a balanced flavor that's simple to mix into cocktails. If you want an easy-to-mix alcohol with no overpowering flavor, Bacardi is a good choice.

It is a mixing rum. It is a white spirit that has a sweet fruity taste which vodka cannot match. On the nose, it's a little alcoholic, with vanilla and cherry notes. On the palate, the cherry takes on a more medicinal tone, with a strong note of charcoal and rubbing alcohol. It's not one to drink neat; it tastes more like cheap vodka than rum.

Bacardi can be consumed straight, or "neat," as it is known. Choose a rum from Bacardi's Premium Label line, which has the strongest flavor and is best served straight.

Bacardi rum goes well with almost everything. If you enjoy the flavor of pineapple juice and the flavor of rum, you will enjoy this combination.

Time to chug it up, Bacardi Rum is crafted with perfection, taste the excitement and experience class with every drop. Escape the boredom and get all you want. Add it to the cart and buy it online now!

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