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Brief Story of Jägermeister Digestif

Wilhelm Mast, the father of Curt Mast, was a wine trader and vinegar producer in Wolfenbüttel, Germany, when Jagermeister was founded. Curt Mast, his son, has a large passion in spirits and liqueurs. Curt Mast took over the business from his father when he was 37, and he discovered a recipe for a new herbal liqueur that he called "Jagermeister."

Curt Mast created this wine in 1934. He figured out how to make the product and perfected the recipe. This is also the flagship product of Mast-Jägermeister SE, a company situated in Wolfenbüttel, Lower Sachsen, Virtue, south of Braunschweig.

Jägermeister's name means "Hunting Master" in German. It has a respectable alcohol content of 35% by volume and is labeled with the now-iconic logo of a glowing cross between a stag's antlers. This is a reference to Saint Hubertus, the patron saint of hunters, who had a vision similar to this while out hunting.

This symbol is so popular that it can be found on almost anything, from glassware to home decor to tattoos for the most ardent fans. The drink is thick and nearly black in appearance. Those who are unfamiliar with the drink may believe it is not something they should consume.

The flavorful concoction, on the other hand, is actually quite drinkable. The flavors that have made Jägermeister famous are made up of 56 different natural ingredients in total. Its mysterious recipe includes herbs, flowers, roots, and fruits from all over the world.

Before the bottles are filled with the final product, 383 quality checks are performed. As a result, the herbal liqueur is one-of-a-kind in terms of quality and flavor. Since its invention over 75 years ago, Jägermeister's recipe has remained unchanged.

The master distillers bring the well-guarded Jägermeister recipe to life. They begin by precisely weighing the individual ingredients and transforming them into various dry mixtures.

The herbs are macerated for several weeks in a mixture of alcohol and water to extract the flavor ingredients, such as essential oils. The master distillers then combine the various macerates with the basic material, which is the heart and soul of Jägermeister's legendary flavor.

In the Wolfenbüttel wooden cask cellar, there are 445 mighty oak casks. The basic material of Jägermeister can "breathe" and mature in complete peace for about a year in these casks. During this time, the master distillers check the liqueur's progress on a regular basis until the authentic Jägermeister flavor is achieved.

The base must first be enriched with pure water, alcohol, caramelised sugar, and liquid sugar before the finished Jägermeister can be filled into the well-known green bottles. The well-known Jägermeister is only obtained after that.

Why is Jägermeister a great choice?

Jagermeister can be taken straight, it is more typically used in preparing cocktails, the most famous of which is the so-called “Jagerbomb”,

“Jagerbombs” are typically served in public bars in a shot glass that is submerged in a larger glass of Red Bull energy drink. The customer, usually with a group of friends, mixes them up and downs them all in one gulp. This is followed by a series of additional orders.

However, many people ignore the glass-in-glass etiquette in private settings. Young people, usually university students, simply combine four or more bottles of Jagermeister with Red Bull in a plastic or aluminum bucket or pot, occasionally adding vodka to the mix. They then pass the sludge amongst themselves, or in some cases, drink directly from the bucket or pot at the same time with straw.

Jagermeister is a licorice and anise-flavored German liqueur. It's typically made with 35 percent alcohol by volume and sugar syrup from beets or cane molasses, with additional natural flavors added for flavor and aroma afterward.

When you drink Jagermeister, you'll notice the scent of flowers and fruits, as well as roots. Anise is the main flavor in the drink, giving it a strong licorice flavor that lingers on your tongue for a long time after you've had a shot of Jagermeister.

This is suitable for those who want to get drunk as quickly as possible before going out to a real party. They don't have to spend as much money on actual orders at their favorite pubs or bars because they're already inebriated and "pre-loaded."

Fun Fact about Jägermeister

After the Stag Head logo was added to Eintracht Braunschweig's jersey for the 1973/74 season, Jägermeister became the first company to sponsor a team in the German Bundesliga.

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