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De Luze V.S. | 40% | 1 l

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The Cognac De Luze VS is a blend of Eaux-de-vie, each aged at least up to 2 years and originally grown in vineyards located in the Grande and Petite Champagne. He fascinates his taster by the smell of grapes, through the aroma of citric fruits such as orange, ending with a delicate wooden flavor.

De Luze VS Fine Champagne has a complexity not often found in younger cognacs. Because of its bold character, it is perhaps best drunk neat and not used as a mixer. Butterscotch and oak get the nose started, followed by grape jelly, dates, and prunes. The palate has a flash of heat that then dissipates to a rather soft feel, with peanut brittle, lavender and delicate berries. The finish is warming and moderately lengthy, with astringent oak, beeswax, sugar-coated grapes, and fruit syrup.

This Fine Champagne Cognac aged for a minimum of two years in French Limousin oak, and contains a blend of eux-de-vie from the Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne growing regions. It’s a versatile bottle that’s perfect for cocktail creation. Its fruity, floral aromas and notable oak influence on the palate also make it an ideal sipping spirit for warmer months.

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